Common questions

Common questions

Açaí Motion® is a liquid compound ready for consumption, Açaí flavor. It is a new genre of drink, which due to its unique characteristics, WITHOUT TAURINE and WITHOUT SYNTHETIC CAFFEINE, makes it a multi-use drink, balanced, healthy and refreshing, being reduced in sugars (compared to others in the same segment), in addition to smaller proportions Vitamin B, allowing the body to make no effort to eliminate any excesses. In other words, Açaí Motion® is a drink for the whole family.

As in its composition there are no compounds considered synthetic energetics and introduced in high quantities, as is the case of Taurine and Caffeine, we only try to introduce in Açaí Motion® natural extract of Açaí and natural extract of Guarana that are naturally energetic fruits. this we consider Açaí Motion® to be a new drink, with natural characteristics and unrelated to traditional energy drinks.

Açaí Motion® is composed of carbonated water, sugar, natural extract of Açaí, natural extract of Guarana, inositol, Vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, citric acid, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, EDTA disodium calcium and dyes. Now we are developing and a change will be launched for everyone, removing the dyes and introducing the black carrot concentrate that will replace the dyes, making Açaí Motion® even better, without changing the flavor, texture, aroma and the other characteristics that make it single.

In the conception of Açaí Motion®, one of the most observed issues was formulating it with ingredients that would be beneficial to the Human Being, without exaggeration, in a balanced way and with that we arrived at the existing composition, with Vitamin B ingredients that collaborate with the daily needs of everyone who consumes.

The nutritional table of Açaí Motion® shows all balance and values for maintaining a healthy life, with only 92kcal (5% *), 23g of carbohydrates (8% *), 32mg of sodium (1% *) and vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12 without reaching 100% of daily needs.
* For a base of a 2000 kcal daily diet, that is, a complement to the other items of a healthy daily diet.

In its composition, we analyzed the global issues of obesity, especially for children, young people, teenagers and with that we reduced sugar by 30% compared to other drinks in the segment, keeping Açaí Motion® with only 92kcal and 23g of carbohydrates. We are also launching Açaí Motion® Zero Sugar for those who do not want or cannot have sugar in their daily diet.

Açaí Motion® is a drink created and licensed for global consumption, meeting the most demanding national and international production laws, bottled in certified industries and always cherishing Food Quality and Safety. It is a drink that can certainly be consumed by the whole family, except obviously if someone presents a health problem, in exceptions and intolerance to some ingredient, but being very rare or nonexistent situations.

Brazilian legislation, for the classification that we classify Açaí Motion®, requires that some inscriptions be exposed on the product, such as: “Children, pregnant women, nursing mothers, the elderly and those with illnesses: Consult a doctor before consuming the product.” Also required by law to be written: “It is not recommended to drink alcohol”.
Despite this, when presenting our Açaí Motion® to a doctor, nutritionist, pediatrician, etc., it can attest that due to the differentiated and exclusive composition of Açaí Motion®, there are no ingredients that can prevent consumption by any healthy Human Being, without any consumption restriction, including being able to use other beverages, alcoholic or not, creating delicious combinations.

The ingredients used for the composition of Açaí Moftion® although we do not certify before the companies that do the same, we can notice and identify that there is no animal ingredient in the composition, that is, the extracts used are natural from fruits and the other items are introduced without being produced with animal structure and with that we did not identify any problem in the consumption by Vegans and / or Vegetarians.

It does not contain gluten and is specified on our label very clearly and objectively.

Açaí Motion® is a special and premium drink precisely because there is no single moment for consumption, and it can be according to the pleasure and desire of the consumer, that is, in the morning, afternoon or night, day to day or on business days. party, drinking pure or accompanied with other drinks, mixing and / or combining according to the creativity of those who consume. There are countless uses of Açaí Motion® and we are increasingly surprised by the photos, videos and messages we receive, in different consumption situations, demonstrating that it is in fact a multi-use drink.

Due to the current legislation in Brazil and because we still classify Açaí Motion® as energetic, not yet having a specific framework, which should happen in the coming months, we make the legal recommendation clear on the label itself, but we receive various information and consumption comments daily with alcoholic beverages such as Vodka, Gin, sparkling wine among other combinations, without any reaction or against medical indication, because by the composition WITHOUT TAURINE and WITHOUT SYNTHETIC CAFFEINE, these compositions with drinks created and well elaborated, only make Açaí Motion® a better drink that all others in the same current segment, not generating a side effect that causes damage to health. We believe that the will of the consumer will always prevail, being restrained and enjoying in a healthy way, in the most diverse ways, the consumption of Açaí Motion®.

The validity period is 12 months after manufacture, and for this reason it must be kept in an appropriate place and in accordance with the conservation and handling manual that follows as guidance to Distributors throughout Brazil and the World

Açaí Motion® is already being produced in Brazil, in a factory with ISO9000, 14000 and other certifications, also already being filled in Mexico, in Guadalajara and starting in Canada, soon in the United States of America, Central America / Caribbean, Europe, United Arab Emirates and India.

Having a trained team, a defined area of expertise and expertise in product distribution, just contact us using the form on the website itself and our global expansion manager will contact you and we will start a dialogue for that.

Access our website and see the locations we already have Distributors and points of sale throughout Brazil and abroad. The objective is to reach Brazil and dozens of countries in the coming months, being present in large chains, supermarkets, wholesalers, retailers and other establishments gradually until we reach all of Brazil and the various segments of consumption and sales.

The central structure is located in Brasilia, the Federal District, Brazil and with global operations by our partners and distributors in countries that are open to markets, and in those that are starting to sell and present Açaí Motion® to the consuming public. More information, questions, criticisms and suggestions can be made directly on our website and we will be attentive in responding.

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