Who we are

Who we are

Ready-to-eat liquid compound, Açaí and Guaraná flavor – NCM 2202.99.00 in Brazil and other different classifications in the Countries Natural energy, due to the properties of Açaí and Guaraná. No Taurine and only 3mg / 269mL of natural caffeine from Guarana 30% reduced sugar (92kcal / 269mL), maintaining a pleasant sweetness, balance in B Vitamins for daily supplement, no excesses, aerated to some extent for various types of consumption.

The product was conceived due to the great global acceptance of Açaí, a Brazilian fruit, from the Amazon region (known and respected on the Globe), with unique characteristics and used in different ways, sweet and savory. Our Açaí Motion® is a liquid drink, ready for consumption, carbonated and with exclusive characteristics, making it healthy, refreshing and can be used in different ways, pure or in drinks and special mixtures.


Entrepreneur, lawyer and journalist, he has worked in public and private sector, with global experience in international relations. He was an executive at the Brazilian National Congress and acquired practical and technical knowledge for business development in Brazil and abroad. He also created and was the national director of institutional relations for the largest legal group in Brazil, founder and president of the We Care Global Development Institute for Humanity and Nations. Visionary, he was the creator and creator of Açaí Motion®, being a Board Member of the Açaí Motion® Group, responsible for articulating the expansion of the “Brand”, as well as the strategic advance in all continents, through a Global structure that has been consolidating month a month, with special and exclusive products.


Vice-President of Strategies and Advisor of the Açaí Motion® Group and Productive Chains Manager. Agronomist, M.Sc. in competitiveness of agro-industrial systems. Advisor and consultant to agro-industrial projects in different parts of Brazil and South America. He also advises national and international organizations such as MDIC, FAEAL, Unesco, IDB and CAF. He has given hundreds of lectures at Seminars, Symposia and Encounters around the world. Author and co-author of 15 books on the above topics, he is also founder and director of the We Care Global Development Institute for Humanity and Nations. He provides (or) consultancy for over 500 farms throughout Brazil and abroad.

Global Vice President

Economist and global commercial strategist making the Açaí Motion® Brand present to global markets through the relationship network created and managed during more than 20 years of active participation in international trade and relationships. Responsible for dialoguing with the continents through its structure maintained in the United States of America (AgriForte USA Corp.), of which he is Executive Vice President. He is active in the expansion of the group and consolidation of the Açaí Motion® brand.


Açaí Motion® Expansion Manager. Consolidated experience in over 30 years in the commercial area, in multinationals, working in direct and indirect channels. With a strategic business vision, always oriented towards results, seeking “business to business” negotiations, acting in large distributors in each region of Brazil, aiming at successful alliances and partnerships. It also has a great focus on team management, as well as sales negotiations in the various food and non-food retail channels, aiming to enhance stimuli in work groups, associating the focus on merchandising management and trade marketing aiming at “consumer angagement”. Also applying strategic management processes, with relevance to adequate planning to achieve results in each product line, according to pre-established guidelines.


Administrative, Financial and HR Manager, with training in Human Resources Management and experience in other sectors, with its posture manage the day-to-day of the company in these areas, with efficiency and dynamism, enabling an optimization of financial resources and with this by developing a relationship and efficient integration with suppliers, partners, customers and friends. Its performance with seriousness makes the AgriForte Group a respected company and in permanent growth.


Logistics and Operational Manager. His training in civil engineering, allows the expansion of work fronts for the design of Franquia Boutique Coffee & Co AF abroad. Responsible for dialogue with the structure of the logistics chain that develops our travels in Brazil and abroad, also having an internal strategic function in the efficient management of the Group’s products.


Businesswoman, creator of the First Line brand of women’s shoes, manager of marketing and digital communication, and after experiences with retail and food stores, she began working as an executive at Grupo Açaí Motion®, being responsible for the administrative conduct of the Group and integration with the Administrative Council. She has already been part of the technical teams of analysis and inspection of BNDES and Caixa Econômica Federal, having incorporated basic concepts of structuring, consolidation and execution of projects with a focus and objective on success through pre-established goals to its principles of business growth. The goal at this time is to make Açaí Motion® a global drink for the whole Family.

Kakihara Santana Plinio

IT manager and advertising strategist. CEO of Japan-based technology company Bygs Developer LLC. Founder of the Bygs advanced search application present in more than 100 countries. With over 20 years’ experience and experience in the Asian market, introducing new concepts and products to consumers and shopkeepers, he arrives to join the Açaí Motion® and AgriForte group, with the commitment to raise even more brand in the international market, striving for excellence every day. and recognition of Açaí Motion products in the most demanding global markets.


Advisor at Grupo Açaí Motion. Air Force career focused on fighter aviation and works in the logistic area, where the assignments shaped the organization census, discipline and teamwork. Joining law formation to experience in public administration, acted as an advisor in both planning and financial and budgetary execution of projects for the Military Command and Control System. The specializations and international experience in the procedures for the acquisition, maintenance and management of large contracts added a practical view to conducting administrative processes. The experience on peacekeeping missions provided a unique knowledge of the structure and functioning of the UN, with its various organs, in addition to the interaction with military organizations from different countries. More recently, the Brazilian War College Course directed preparation for high-level management and advisory functions, especially in the area of National Defense. In 2017, March, was retired from the active duty. Now in the private sector, he acts as financial and legal director of high-tech companies, a member Digital Law, Disruptive Technologies and Startups of the Bar Association Commission and a business management consultant.

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